Getting Started Programming Lesson 3: The Basics of Hello World, Debugging and Variables

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I had started out this next session typing out instructions and expected output, when I realized how hard this would be to truly explain in a way that would make good sense to all types of learners. It’s hard as an auditory learner to pick up something just from text alone, and being a visual/kinesthetic learner myself (I learn by seeing and doing) I admittedly sometimes forget that other people learn in a different style.

So I fixed my mistake by instead making a YouTube video. It’s long, but I think it actually has a lot more depth than I could get just with text alone. It’s also much easier for me to produce as well since I do these kinds of lectures frequently enough that it’s pretty comfortable to me.

Let me know what you think and if this us an effective method of conveying this information. I appreciate all feedback!


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