Swimming the Matrix


I am the CTO for a little company called Airvirtise. Before that I was a Fortune 500 IT consultant with one of the largest firms in the industry, where I helped develop technologies and strategies around utilizing mobile technology in the enterprise.

I’m a full-stack programming polyglot, fluent in Ruby, .Net/C#, Java, Objective-C, PHP, Javascript/HTML/CSS as well as numerous frameworks and sub-technologies in each. OS-wise I do Windows and Linux development and administration. Databases I use/administer the various SQL databases (MySQL/MariaDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle 10/11g) as well as several NoSQL databases(MongoDB, Cassandra, and CouchBase). I also dabble out the wazoo in weird things like Go and tons of online services which offer free trials 😉

When not working on new applications to improve the lives of technology users and doing random weird programming things, I enjoy reading (mostly technical news and science fiction), video games, and general geeky activities like playing Pathfinder.

My current technical interests include non-relational databases, mobile development (iPhone and Android), Big Data, and trying to figure out why my printer won’t print in black and white when the color cartridge runs out of ink!


email(personal): jordan – jordanjenkins.com

email(professional): Jordan.Jenkins – airvirtise.com